Making Vankleek Hill a happy place, one Zumba class at a time!

If you see a group of happy, glowing, smiling people around town, chances are they’re Zu-Lou Tribe members who have just come from one of our Zumba classes! Someone once told me that she could always tell when she met a Tribe member. When I asked her how she could tell, she answered, “I don’t know… somehow they’re just happier than other people…”

I discovered Zumba in 2011 and instantly fell in love. It’s hard not to love the brilliant combo of Latin and International rhythms, easy-to-follow structure and dance party atmosphere of a great Zumba class! Combine that with the amazing community spirit in Vankleek Hill, and the result is pure magic. Zumba celebrities from around the world come to visit our classes and are always blown away by the amazing energy and unity they see in the Tribe.

Two left feet? No sense of coordination? No experience? No worries! You’ll soon notice that nobody in our classes will be watching you or judging you. We’re all perfectly imperfect and just happy that you’re coming to party with us! And with 8 classes a week on the schedule, there’s no excuse – there’s something for everyone!

And now, after almost 5 years of dance parties, 34 trainings, close to 1,500 hours of classes, and nearly $40,000 raised for charity, we’re all thrilled to have our very own place to call home – ZUDIO! With its cozy and colourful décor, not to mention the epic mural painted by world-renowned comic book artist Dale Eaglesham, it just might be the most beautiful Zumba-Dance-Fitness studio in the world!

Among the countless memorable moments of the past few years, we’ve had famous musicians come to play for us and Zumba stars come to dance with us… I’ve been on two Zumba DVDs and was asked to choreograph songs for Footloose in Hawkesbury and by French singer Tony Mandell for his hit song Me Pide Màs… What’s next, you ask? Hint, hint: In February, we’ll be welcoming our biggest Zumba star yet!

You won’t want to miss any of it, so join the party with the amazing Zu-Lou Tribe!

This blog series is brought to you by the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association, with the collaboration of The United Counties of Prescott and Russell. Our goal is to introduce you to our members (2016). These amazing business owners work hard behind the scenes to run wonderful businesses around Vankleek Hill. All photos by Jan Amell Photography.