Surprise! Surprise!

No one wants an unexpected surprise! If you’re a real estate buyer/seller, in the market to purchase or sell a property, you won’t like any financial surprises that may come your way. Are you aware of the extra costs you may have to pay? Are you familiar with title insurance, and do you know if you will need it? Are you familiar with real estate adjustments? Do you really know which questions to ask?

Here are some examples of costs associated with purchasing a property in Vankleek Hill and surrounding areas:

1. Inspection costs

2. Lawyer fees

3. Title insurance

4. Adjustments of municipal & school taxes and condo fees

5. Oil in oil tank (!)

6. Land transfer tax (every time you buy you a property there is a land transfer tax fee, unless you qualify as a first-time buyer)

Let a trusted and proven professional guide you through this complicated process. Doreen Low is a Vankleek Hill and surrounding area Real Estate Broker, selling properties in Eastern Ontario since 2006. Let her experience and full-time team work for you! Before listing your property, call Low's Realty Inc. for a free and enlightening evaluation.

This blog series is brought to you by the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association, with the collaboration of The United Counties of Prescott and Russell. Our goal is to introduce you to our members (2016). These amazing business owners work hard behind the scenes to run wonderful businesses around Vankleek Hill. All photos by Jan Amell Photography.