Pat Deacon, Homeopath – Sharing one of the World’s Little-Known Secrets:

Pat Deacon, Homeopath – Sharing one of the World’s Little Known Secrets:

I first came upon homeopathy while living in Vancouver almost 35 years ago. My husband and I were searching for help for our young family and had never even heard the word “homeopathy” before! Conventional medicine was not working for us, nor were any of the alternatives we explored – including naturopathy, chiropractic, and severe allergy diets. On the other hand, our homeopathic results were nothing short of amazing!

We moved to England, I pursued professional homeopathic studies, registered, and practiced for several years. Following our return to Canada, I continued to see patients in Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley, Ottawa, and for the last 2 years, Vankleek Hill.

In my 21 years of practice, it has been a privilege to have treated several thousand patients – of all ages, genders, and ethnicities - for all manner of mental, emotional, and physical issues. I learn something new every day!

Sharing the secret of homeopathy is something I like to do.

I held 3 successful Brown Bag Series (lunchtime classes) at my former office at 124 Main Street and was delighted with the large turnouts and avid interest from folks living in the Vankleek Hill area. These 3 series were on homeopathy for: gardens and gardeners; hot and cold (fevers, chills, burns, frostbite); and acute emotions (shock, panic attacks, grief).

In January, I will begin my “Kitchen Table Talks” in my home, where I now practice. These talks will be aimed at parents with young families. We will be looking at acute homeopathic treatment of colic, teething, fevers, and much more!

Watch for more information on this series on my Facebook page, “Pat Deacon, Homeopath” and in the Review.

I continue to welcome new patients to my practice. If you are interested, you can book a free 15 minute Skype or Face Time appointment to see if homeopathic treatment with me is something you would like to pursue.

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