Metec - All About High Quality

Where do discerning customers go for high-quality fabrication, welding and repairs? Since 1995 their destination has been Metec.

Founded by Christian and Shigi Walz as a two-person operation, Metec today employs around 20 full-time tradespeople and apprentices in its metal fabrication, machining and manufacturing facility in Vankleek Hill’s Business Park. Recently son Marc Walz became an active member of the team, helping preserve Metec’s legacy of quality and skill.

Expertise at Metec ranges from prototyping, design and engineering to fabrication and manufacturing. It includes techniques such as metal plasma cutting and bending, both manual and CNC milling and turning, welding, surface preparation and finishing, and assembly, testing and custom packaging.

Metec’s products and services may be found throughout the community. Metec plows clear snow while salt spreaders de-ice sidewalks and blowers reduce snowbanks. Pressure washers help make Spring clean-up a breeze while rod iron gates, window guards and railings fabricated by Metec welders help ensure safety and privacy while contributing to our beautiful community’s Victorian look. Area farmers count on Metec’s hoof trimmers to make bovine hoof care safer and easier. Local industries trust Metec’s workmanship, machining capability and quality to help keep equipment and machinery in shape, maintaining production output.

Metec is proud to serve our local community, area farmers and surrounding industries with all their fabrication and machining needs.